Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dedication was a success!

It was a wonderful evening, full of words, music, tea, and fire. A description of the event is posted on the Nobles webpage.


We were really happy with how the evening went and want to thank all who came. The ceremonial lighting turned into the first firing and we worked through the night. The kiln climbed really well but plateaued at 800 C, with the wood we were using. Fortunately, I had about a cord of very dry wood at home. We filled up a truck and brought some over. Kiln climbed beautifully after that, easily reaching 1300 C a couple of hours after that (around 11am).

Warren Mackenzie, who has shows at Lacoste Gallery and at the Fuller Craft Museum, stopped by late morning to check out Kusakabe's design. It was wonderful to meet him and his wife - such nice people!

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